Marine accident round-up : 19th December 2017

Divers found about a dozen cracks in the hull of passenger/cargo RoRo Moby Niki (IMO 7350090) during underwater checks at the port of Portoferraio, Italy. Repair work by specialized technicians began on December 13th. The port was closed between berth 3 south, where the ferry was being moored, and berth 1 north. The Elba Coast Guard has again carried out checks in the waters of the Piombino canal, in order to avoid any potential danger of marine pollution due to the accident. The cause of the accident near the island of Palmaiola remains a matter of investigation. The ferry had passed the Secca del Frate lighthouse at a very close distance, looking as if she were following a route for Rio Marina rather than Portoferraio, and then turned almost 90 degrees towards Cavo, passing a zone only five metres deep. 1974-built, Italy-flagged, 9,279 gt Moby Niki is owned and managed by Moby Spa of Portoferraio LI, Italy. It is entered with Standard Club (Mediterranean & Middle East Division) on behalf of Moby SpA.

Multi-purpose carrier Sea Leader (IMO 9363998) allided with the berthed oil products tanker SVL/SCL Unity while unmooring at Kavkaz port on the Black Sea during the morning of December 13th. Both vessels sustained slight damages. As of December 18th Sea Leader was loaded with 4316 tons of sunflower cake, and underway for Izmir. SCL Unity had arrived with a cargo of diesel oil.

2007-built, Malta-flagged, 5,197 gt Sea Leader is owned by Bulk Delta Shipping Ltd, care of manager Marine Trans Management of Odessa, Ukraine. Sea Leader is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Granvik Shipping.

Ferry Kelimutu (IMO 8502341) collided with general cargo ship Maju 88 (IMO 8661082) on the Sampit river on December 13th shortly after her departure from Sampit Port in southern Borneo. There were 516 passengers on board at the time. The accident happened in the narrow fairway while the ship was proceeding downstream towards the Java Sea. Kelimutu suffered a two-metre hull breach in the anchor hawse well above the waterline, but had to return to Sampit. Repairs were expected to last two days. 1986-built, Indonesia-flagged, 6,022 gt Kelimutu is owned by Indonesia Govt Min Sea Comms of Jakarta, Indonesia, and managed by Pelni of Jakarta, Indonesia.  2002-built, Indonesia-flagged, 1,595 gt Maju 88 is owned and managed by Majukarsa Perdana Jaya Line PT of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Cargo ship Eva Elisabeth (IMO: 8679273) suddenly leaned onto the side during docking at the Skude Industri in Skudenes on the morning of December 14th when the dock was being pumped out. The wellboat was on its way into the drydock when the accident occurred. The listing of the ship was stopped by the dock wall. After an assessment the vessel was righted. 2006-built, Norway-flagged, 316 gt Eva Elisabeth is owned and managed by Bremnes Shipping AS of Bremnes, Norway.

Fishing vessel Simone – WR 75 (IMO 8431827) suffered rudder damage on December 13th in stormy weather off Sylt, Germany, to the west of the Denmark-Germany border. That morning the crew of two had reported rudder difficulties when they were 13m west of the island. They failed to fix the problem and then radioed for help. A German DGzRS lifeboat assisted, by which time Simone was adrift on the open sea. Because of very bad weather the lifeboat crew’s tow on a 230 meter-line took several hours. Eventually in the early evening Simone was safely berthed in a Danish port.