Marine accident round-up : 17th April 2018

Oil products tanker Tian E Zuo (IMO 9538476) was hit by floating crane on April 13th at Khor al Zubayr port, Iraq, after it had broken loose from a tug. The crane hit the starboard side foreship of the unloaded tanker, and the hull was breached. After the collision the tanker headed for Port Rashid Dubai for repairs. 2012-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 43,718 gt Tian E Zuo is owned by Tianezuo Shipping SA care of COSCO Shipping Tanker (Shanghai) Co Ltd, of Shanghai, China. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group Hong Kong) on behalf of Tianezuo Shipping SA.

A fire on South Korean fishing vessel Dong Won 701, docked at the Port of Timaru, New Zealand, might have finally burnt out after almost a week. Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fenz) South Island assistant area commander Rodger Smith said crews had been working through the weekend, closely monitoring the temperature of the ship as they tried to finally bring the fires under control. “We’re continuing to apply water jets to the outside parts of the vessel. Fire crews will re-enter the Dong Won 701 on Monday to check if the fires have burnt out. Firefighters from Dunedin, Invercargill, Wellington, as well as locals were involved in the response. The incident was being investigated by the Transport Accident Investigation Commission.

Local fishing vessel Saramago, which had sunk in El Musel, northern Spain, during the night of April 6th following water ingress after colliding with the pier had of the Ingeniero Moliner Pier when entering the port, was refloated during the afternoon of April 14th by salvors of the company Canteli. The ship, had been moved to the La Osa pier after the accident as it was shallower than the surrounding waters. It was docked at the pier once floating again. The leak has been patched. An anti-pollution barrier was surrounding the ship to contain any fuel spillage. At first it was planned to carry out the salvage operation on Apr 11, but the Maritime Captaincy postponed it a few more days while crews were finalizing the works previous to the salvage such as patching the leak in the hull.

Passenger/cargo RoRo Achaeos (IMO 9411903) allided with the pier in the port of Agistri island shortly after midday on April 13th. The ferry, on the Aegina-to-Piraeus route, tried to dock at the port of Agistri island in the Saronic Gulf, but instead crashed into a pier. Five passengers suffered minor injuries. 2006-built, Greece-flagged, 4,307 gt Achaeos is owned by Achaeos Ferries Maritime Co and managed by Evangelistria Maritime Co, both of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Carina.

The Indonesian Navy and Western Fleet Quick Response (WFQR) personnel from the Tanjung Priok naval base were reported to have intercepted general cargo ship Fajar Bahari V (IMO 9841251) in Tanjung Karawang waters on April 11th on suspicion of carrying undocumented goods. When the team’s personnel checked the vessel after it docked at Marunda Centre Terminal in Bekasi on Apr 12, they reportedly discovered nine undocumented luxury cars, including a Porsche Turbo S and a BMW, and 18 undocumented motorbikes, including Harley-Davidsons, BMWs and Hondas. They suspected the crew had smuggled the items from Malaysia. The master was detained and was reported to have confessed to smuggling illegal items eight times. The skipper and the vessel owner will be charged for violating laws on sailing and customs. 2017-built, Indonesia-flagged, 8,131 gt Fajar Bahari V is owned and managed by Fajar Bahari Nusantara PT of Pontianak, Indonesia.

Vehicles carrier Grande Colonia (IMO 9318527) required tug assistance to enter the port of Vigo, en route from Antwerp, during the afternoon of April 12th, after suffering engine damage. The extent of the damage was unknown and  the length of the stay at the Transatlantic Quay could not be determined. Grande Colonia had encountered problems with the main engine on April 5th while en route from Portbury, Bristol, to Antwerp, and again on April 6th. She had berthed in Antwerp on April 7th and sailed again on April 9th. 2007-built, Italy-flagged, 38,651 gt Grande Colonia is owned and managed by Grimaldi Deep Sea SpA / Grimaldi Group of Naples, Italy. It is entered with North P&I on behalf of senior member Grimaldi Deep Sea SpA. It is entered for hull and machinery with Norwegian Hull Club. Gard has a subscription position. RDC 3/4.

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