Marine accident round-up : 15th December 2017

Passenger/Cargo RoRo Moby Niki (IMO 7350090) hit an obstruction near Palmaiola island, Tuscan archipelago, on December 11th while en route from Piombino to Portoferraio. The hull suffered some damage but the crew and 128 passengers were unhurt. The ship continued her voyage to the port of Portoferraio where she moored and disembarked the vehicles and passengers. The ferry was banned from sailing pending inspection and investigation of the incident. Military divers inspected the hull. Oil booms were laid out in order to avoid any potential pollution. 1974-built, Italy-flagged, 9,279 gt Moby Niki is owned and managed by Moby Spa of Portoferraio LI, Italy. It is entered with Standard Club (Mediterranean & Middle East Division) on behalf of Moby SpA.

Chemical oil products tanker Fetekoz (IMO 9369928) was disabled in the Sargasso Sea on December 6th while en route from Savannah to Bayonne. A tug reached the tanker on December 13th and towage to Madeira commenced in the afternoon. 2007-built, Malta-flagged, 3,974 gt Fetekoz is owned by YDC Denizcilik AS care of manager Ayder Tankers AS of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with American Club on behalf of YDC Denizcilik AS.

Mexico’s Procuraduria Federal De Proteccion al Ambiente (PROFEPA) or Federal Attorney for Environmental protection, has released offshore tug supply ship Antares (IMO 9671321) after bail of more than MXN200m ($10.5m) was deposited to guarantee the repair of damages caused by the vessel to the Tuxpan reef. Técnicas Marítimas Avanzadas SA de CV was able to obtain the vessel’s release on December 3rd and send it to Tampico for repairs of the grounding damage. 2014-built, Mexico-flagged, 2,638 gt Antares is owned and managed by Tecnicas Maritimas Avanzadas of Ciudad del Carmen, CAM, Mexico. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (Americas Syndicate), on behalf of Seguros Inbursa SA.

Ferry Stena Flavia (IMO 9417919), which usually runs between Nyhäshamn, Sweden, and Ventspils, Latvia, was affected by engine trouble after its departure from Nynäshamn on the evening of December 11th, 2017. She was towed into the port of Södertäjle for an expected three days of repairs. 2008-built, Denmark-flagged, 26,904 gt Stena Flavia is owned by Stena RoRo navigation Ltd care of manager Stena RoRo AB of Gothenburg, Sweden. ISM manager is Stena Rederi AS of Hellerup, Denmark. It is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – on behalf of Stena RoRo Navigation Ltd.

A regular surveillance flight of the Swedish Coastguard on December 9th discovered that fishing vessel Gilija (IMO 7003829) was leaking a limited amount of light oil in the Kappelhamnsviken, northern Gotland. A coastguard vessel was deployed to the trawler for investigation and was on site by 18:00, joined by an anti-pollution vessel at 21:00. However, the Coastguard ships could not see any oil when they arrived at Kappelhamnsviken. The Coastguard sent one more surveillance aircraft in the morning which only detected thin strips of scattered oil that was not recoverable. As of December 12th, moored at Västervik.

Fishing vessel Rehua (IMO 9147784) was towed to the head of Otago Harbour after a salvage mission which lasted more than two days. The vessel had lost power on December 8th after its propeller became unexpectedly entangled in another company’s fishing nets in the Southern Ocean. Another Sanford vessel, the San Enterprise, which was fishing in the area, towed the ship to the pilot station at the mouth of Otago Harbour, some 400km away. From there, two Port Otago tugs pulled it to Dunedin for repairs. Divers were called to go under the ship to remove the net on December 11th. Rehua built 1997, New Zealand-flagged, 2,483 gt. As of December 12th moored in Dunedin. No details of vessel in insurance databases.

General cargo ship Keneukai (IMO 8405086) sank at its mooring on the Bandjarmasin anchorage, Barito river, in southern Kalimantan, Indonesia, during the afternoon of December 8th. The superstructure and forecastle remained above water. The crew of 14 was safe and they were taken to the Trisakti port clinic. The still-afloat foreship was moving around with the currents and tides. At the time she sank Keneukai was loading cement, with 52,000 sacks with 2,500 tons of PT Conch bound for Java had already been loaded. A diesel oil spill was also observed. Salvage work was hampered by another wreck near the ship’s sunken stern. The ship’s hull was punctured by this wreck when the cargo ship started moving backwards with the tide. The allision caused engine room water ingress and subsequent flooding. 1984-built, Indonesia-flagged, 1,645 gt Keneukai is owned and managed by Andromeda Sentral Pasifik of Semarang, Indonesia.

General cargo ship Ronia Diamond (IMO 9814947), which had just been handed over by the Myklebust Verft AS to wellbore shipping company Sølvtrans AS, Ålesund, ran aground off Klo in Vesterålen on the morning of December 13th, having been used the previous week in shuttle traffic between the Øksnes west bight and Skutvik. The ship was able to refloat with a rising tide, but it suffered a small hole in a bottom tank and was escorted to Sortland by a lifeboat for inspection. The accident is unlikely to cause any delays for its scheduled delivery to Cermaq in Chile in 2018. 2017-built, Norway-flagged, 4,632 gt Ronia Diamond is owned and managed by Sølvtrans Rederi AS of Aalesund, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I (Bermuda) on behalf of Sølvtrans Rederi AS.

General cargo ship Kasra 1 (IMO 8888848), loaded with a cargo of steel and timber, was en route from Astrakhan to Enzeli when a steering failure on the evening of December 12th, 2017 caused her to lose control on the Volga-Caspian Sea Canal at km mark 148, while heading towards the Caspian Sea. She dropped anchor and remained moored on December 13th. On November 22nd the vessel lost control on the Volga river after water ingress flooded the steering compartment. 1991-built, Iran-flagged, 1,998 gt Kasra 1 is owned by Baran Tejarat Amin Co, care of manager Caspian Blue Rose Co of Bandar Anzali, Iran. ISM manager is Moje Sepide Atlas Co of Bandar Anzali, Iran.

Catamaran ferry services between Malta and Sicily have been cancelled until December 16th due to a technical problem with Jean de la Valette (IMO 9559743). All passengers with reservations were asked to keep contact with the offices or wait for further updates to be published on the company’s website. The vessel is reportedly suffering from engine damage that will take days to fix. 2010-built, Malta-flagged, 8.045 gt Jean de la Valette is owned by Virtu Fast Ferries Ltd care of manager Virtu Ferries Ltd of Malta. It is entered with Skuld on behalf of member Virtu Holdings Ltd.

Tank barge Enjoy (IMO 9468346) was damaged in a collision on the Rhine near Weißenthurm on the morning of December 11th. The accident happened when the tank barge was about to dock at a berthed barge to take a vehicle on board. Her mooring lines broke when another vessel passed,  and she drifted towards the fairway, hitting another barge which was sailing downstream. All three vessels were damaged with the bow of the Enjoy suffering dents at the port side. On December 12th she berthed at the BASF port in Mannheim.