Marine accident round-up : 13th September 2017

General cargo ship Elke W (IMO 9279070) failed to change course in early September when passing light buoy No 1 while heading towards the Halli Rock islet during the  transiting of the Vessels Traffic Separation Zone in the approach to the Gulf of Vyborg, a deep inlet running northeastward near the eastern end of Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea. The Marine Traffic Control operator called the vessel on VHF. Finally the ship changed course and returned to safe waters four minutes before it would have run into the rock. Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 2006-built, 2,409 gt Elke W is owned by Elke W GmbH care of manager Wiexzorek Andre GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with UK P&I Club on behalf of Elke W GmbH. UK P&I club reports the vessel as being Netherlands-flagged.

A fire broke out in the processing plant of fishing vessel Urabain (IMO 7388243) on the afternoon of September 7th at berth 4 of the Admiral Storni Wharf in Puerto Madryn in the province of Chubut in Argentine Patagonia. The vessel was scheduled to leave port at 18:00 when the fire broke out in a hold amidships. Firefighters needed breathing apparatus to fight the fire. More than half of the crew of 61 were already on board as were stevedores. All safely evacuated apart from one crew member who was trapped by flames and smoke in a cabin on the port side. A crane raised a cage containing a man with an oxy-acetalyne torch who cut a small opening  next to the porthole, through which it was possible to rescue the crew member The local Coastguard cooled the hull from outside with two boats and with water poured onto the deck. However, by the evening the flames had reached the wheelhouse. Columns of smoke drifting towards the city with the wind. No details of ownership or insurance found in databases. By September 8th the fire on Urabain was raging uncontrolled, causing the explosion of gas bottles in the kitchen area during the night. The portside hull had an opening about 10 meters in length where the plates had been melted by the continuous heat during the previous 48 hours. The ship had tilted to starboard and leaned onto the pier. The heat was so intense that it melted the fire hoses. On board there were 50,000kg of cardboard boxes and plastics to pack 800 tons of fish, the total potential catch and cargo capacity of the Urabain. There were also 100 tons of fuel in its tanks. Lanchas from Sur Bahía Blanca was called to fight possible oil spills. No details of vessel found in databases.


Refrigerated cargo ship Pajuttaat (IMO 7724540) ran aground on September 2nd in Sauattut in the Uummannaq district, north-western Greenland. The ship refloated by its own means and headed to Aasiaat to unload its cargo and have the hull surveyed. Divers found severe damage and the ship was taken out of service and headed to Nuuk for repairs which were expected to take two months. 1979-built, Denmark-flagged, 1,171 gt Pajuttaat is owned and managed by Royal Arctic Line of Nuuk, Greenland. It is entered with Skuld on behalf of Royal Arctic Line.

Bulk carrier Panormitis AV (IMO 9088392) was towed to Phuket by the Mongolian flagged offshore supply tug Confidence (IMO: 7506211), arriving in the southern Phuket waters on the evening of September 6. The ship was reported disabled and adrift after having suffered engine failure north of Sabang island, Banda Aceh, Sumatra, in the western Malacca Strait, on August 30th. 1996-built, Liberia-flagged, 25,190 gt  Panormitis AV is owned by South Cape Navigation SA care of manager Unibulk Shipping Enterprises of Piraeus, Greece. No details of vessel’s insurance found in databases.

Bulk carriers Meray (IMO 9000302) and Orhan (IMO 9625451) collided on the morning of September 9th on the outer Chittagong anchorage. The Meray was already anchored when she was struck by the Orhan. Meray was loaded with 37,661 tons of TSP (triple superphosphate) fertilizer and suffered a breach in cargo hold 5, with ensuing water ingress. The hold was flooded.

1992-built, Belize-flagged, 21,941 gt My Meray is owned by 4Brothers Shipping Ltd care of manager Eastern Star Shipping of Lebanon.

2013-built, Malta-flagged, 23,638 gt Orhan is owned by Orhan Maritime Ltd c are of manager Ciner Ship Management of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Standard P&I Club.

A fire broke out on fishing vessel Arctic Wolf (IMO 7048350) during the morning of September 8th while it was docked at a shipyard in Havøysund. The shipowner, who discovered the fire had since June kept the ship at the yard for refurbishment When the owner saw the smoke he climbed off the vessel to cool the hull with a water hose, but quickly had to flee due to smoke and heat. The entire industrial area had to be evacuated because of the strong smoke development and danger of explosion. Residents were asked to keep windows and doors closed. Gas bottles for welding works were stored in the immediate vicinity of the ship. Rescue boat Odin, which had been 400 metres away from the yard when the fire broke out, assisted in fire fighting from the sea side. The fire brigade had to work with special equipment in the narrow spaces on board and used special steel cutting equipment to access the fire. It was not until evening that the fire,  was brought under control.

RoRo cargo vessel Begonia Seaways (IMO 9262089) was disabled due to an electricity power failure and ran aground on the Gent-Terneuzen Canal at the Sluiskil bridge on the side of Terneuzen on the morning of September 9th. During the afternoon the captain accepted a towing contract of Multraship, and the ship was pulled out of the embankment by some tugs within 15 minutes. The ferry soon berthed at the Zevernaar port Verbrugge. Ship traffic on the canal was delayed.

2004-built, Denmark-flagged, 37,722 gt Begonia Seaways is owned by DFDS Seaways AB Sweden of Gothenburg, Sweden, and managed by DFDS A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is entered with West of England Shipowners P&I Club