Marine accident round-up : 13th November 2017

Ships have arrived in the Bay of Terao on the Chonchi coast, and started tests for the extraction of 216 tons of decaying salmon from fishing vessel Seikongen (IMO 9793985), which sunk 150 metres from the beach about 11 metres down. There are also 66 tons of diesel in her tanks. Hatches in the hull were opened at low tide in order to begin to remove the load of decomposed fish. As of November 11th the vessel was reported as underway from Calbuco. 2016-built, Chile-flagged, 1,952 gt Seikongen is owned and managed by CPT Empresas Maritimas SA of Las Condes, Chile. It is entered with Hanseatic Underwriters.

General cargo ship RMS Ruhrort (IMO 9075357) ran into the embankment of the Kiel Canal at Fischerhütte while transiting westbound early on the morning of November 7th. She was en route from Varkaus at the time, loaded with a cargo of wood. An officer lost rudder control, causing the ship initially to veer to port, towards the southern embankment. The helmsman tried to reduce speed, but the rudder’s position and the sudden movement away from the southern embankment caused the ship to turn hard to starboard. After 20 minutes the vessel refloated under her own power. Traffic control at Brunsbüttel advised the vessel to berth in Brunsbüttel upon completion of her canal transit, which she did at 04:50. She left again at 18:00. and continued to Rochefort with an ETA of November 11th. 1993-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 1,681 gt RMS Ruhrort is owned by BWK RMS Ruhrort care of manager Rhenus Maritime Services GmbH of Duisburg, Germany. It is entered with Standard Club (London Class) on behalf of manager Rhenus Maritime Services GmbH.

General cargo ship Amira Eman (IMO 9118288) suffered engine failure in the Dardanelles during the morning of November 6th while transiting in an eastern direction from Volos to Bandirma. The master refused help as the crew was trying fix problem on their own. She resumed sailing, and as of November 11th was en route to Bandirma, Turkey. 1998-built, Tuvalu-flagged, 4,107 gt Amira Eman is owned by Yassin Maritime Co SA care of manager RS Maritime Services DMCC of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Previously known as MSC Bahamas and Ireland flagged (and as Connemara until 2008), Amira Eman was entered with Hydor until March 23rd 2016. No details of current cover under new name.

Fishing vessel Tasermiut (IMO 8705838) suffered an engine failure on November 6th while off the southern tip of Greenland. The ship was towed by a Færøs-flagged trawler to more sheltered waters in the Prins Christians Fjord. 1988-built, Greenland-flagged, 2,549 gt Tasermuit was reported as being moored Hafnarfjörður, Iceland on November 11th. It is entered with Hydor on behalf of Royal Greenland AS.

Crude oil tanker Eagle Turin (IMO 9360465) and Chemical oil product tanker Sichem Hawk (IMO 9396000) had to leave their berths at the Repsol oil terminal in La Coruña after their mooring lines started to break during strong winds and heavy waves on the morning of November 8th. Eagle Turin had been offloading 83,000 tons of crude oil. Sichem Hawk had been loading diesel oil. As of November 11th Eagle Turin was en route from Coruna to Gibraltar, while Sichem Hawk was en route from Coruna to Bordeaux. 2007-built, Singapore-flagged, 58,168 gt Eagle Turin is owned by AET Inc ltd of Hamilton, Bermuda, and is managed by Eaglestar Shipmanagement S Pte of Singapore. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group London L4) on behalf of AET Inc. Marine Hull Interest and Hull & Machinery is led by HDI Global Se Filial Norge, with Gard having a subscription position.

2008-built, Malta-flagged, 17,822 gt Sichem Hawk is owned by Team Tankers Deep Sea Ltd care of manager Team Tankers Mgmt AS of Hellerup, Denmark. ISM manager is V Ships UK Ltd of Glasgow, UK. It is entered with Skuld on behalf of Team Tankers International Ltd.

Bridgemans Services Group, owners of cargo RoRo vessel Cabo Star (IMO 8500680) said they suspected someone might have been trying to sabotage the vessel, after the chief engineer reported that someone tried to flush a whole lemon down the vacuum systems. This caused a shutdown on November 1st during a voyage from Scarborough to Port-of-Spain. It took several hours to bring the vacuum system back online, with the vessel setting sail on the afternoon of November 2nd. 1988-built, Panama-flagged, 19,963 gt Cabo Star is owned by Bridgemans Trinidad Ltd care of manager Tschudi Ship Mgmt AS of Tallinn, Estonia. It is entered with British Marine .