Marine accident round-up : 13th December 2017

Chemical oil products tanker CT Cork (IMO 9393060) became disabled and adrift in the Atlantic southwest of the Azores on November 28th. The tanker was en route from Puerto Rico to Yalova. A tug was contracted to assist and left Ponta Delgada on Nov 29. It reached the tanker on December 2nd and took it on tow towards Funchal. As of December 12th it was en route from Sint Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, to Yalova, Turkey. 2008-built, Malta-flagged, 6,764 gt CT Cork is owned by Chemstar Cork Ltd care of manager Aydar Tankers AS of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with West of England Club (Claims Team 2) on behalf of Chemstar Cork Ltd.

General cargo ship Eems Traveller (IMO 9218234) suffered an engine failure on December 7th en route from Gijón, northern Spain, to Rotterdam, Netherlands, with a cargo of 2,000 tons of steel plates and a crew of seven on board. The failure was reported when the vessel was 18 miles off the island of Ouessant, west of Brittany, France. The ship was drifting towards the rocks of Portsall. While the crew tried to repair the damage to the propulsion damage an emergency tug sailed to Ouessant and positioned itself near the ship. The Eems Traveller crew could not repair the damage, so the owner of the vessel contacted Abeilles International to request a tow to Brest. The convoy arrived in port on December 8th shortly after midnight and the vessel was berthed at the Quay Armand Considère in the commercial port for necessary repairs. 2000-built, Netherlands-flagged, 2,137 gt Eems Traveller is owned by Eems Traveller BV care of manager Amasus Support BV of Farmsum, Netherlands. It is entered with British Marine on behalf of Amasus Shipping BV.

Chemical oil products tanker Pretty Scene (IMO 9354179), which was under judicial arrest in Durban, has been auctioned off for R164m ($12.03m). The tanker was owned by the Parakou Group in Asia. Bowmans were acting on behalf of Credit Agricole Asia Ship Finance and instructed maritime and mining auction house Clear Asset to take the vessel to public auction. The auction took place at the premises of Bowmans in Durban, the correspondent law firm in the matter. 2006-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 30,068 gt Pretty Scene is owned by Pretty Scene Shipping SA care of manager Parakou Tankers Singapore Pte Ltd. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Pretty Scene Shipping SA.

Passenger/cargo RoRo Hordaland (IMO 7805203) was still berthed in Varaldsøy on December 8th. Crews repaired damage temporarily on December 7th but was not considered safe to enter deep water. There was no timetable for when the ferry might be towed to a dock for repair. 1979-built, Norway-flagged, 1,184 gt Hordaland is owned by Norled AS of Stavanger, Norway, and managed by Tide ASA of Bergen, Norway. Norled is ISM manager. For H&M it is entered with Norwegian Hull Club.

After having been refloated in Calais with the rising tide, following her allision with the RoRo T1 gateway and subsequent grounding on a rocky bottom, passenger/cargo RoRo Pride of Kent (IMO 9015266) returned to berth 9 on the evening of December 10th so that passengers could disembark. The grounding damaged the ship’s hull, causing a small degree of water ingress, which was controlled. An investigation to determine the causes of the incident has been launched by the MAIB. Calais port was closed temporarily as a result of the grounding and severe weather, but has since reopened. 1992-built, UK-flagged, 30,635 gt Pride of Kent is owned and managed by P&O Ferries of Dover, UK. It is entered with Standard Club (UK & Americas Division) on behalf of P&O Ferries Ltd.