Marine accident round-up : 11th January 2018

General cargo ship Wilson Avonmouth (IMO 9313747) entered the port of Celeiro (Viveiro), Spain on January 1st to secure some of the 20-ton steel coils bound from Newport, UK, to Gemlik, Turkey. A storm had caused some of the cargo to shift. Wilson Avonmouth entered the commercial dock of Celeiro on January 4th and a large crane was hired to reposition the steel coils, but the attempt was not successful. On January 7th the ship returned to anchorage off San Román to give quay space in Celeiro for another merchant ship which was scheduled to load quartz. Wilson Avonmouth returned to port on the night of January 8th and the following day a crane returned to try to secure the cargo. Stormy weather was forecast for January 10th and 11th, meaning that the ship was not expected to leave before January 12th. 2010-built, Malta-flagged, 2,451 gt Wilson Avonmouth is owned by Affo Beninga Vertom-Bojen care of manager Kapitan Siegfried Bojen-Schiffahrtsbetrieb of Moormerland, Germany. ISM manager is Vertom-Bojen Bereederungs GmbH. It is entered with Hanseatic.

General cargo ship Mekhanik Yartsev (IMO 8904367) stalled in the Solent, with a 20-degree list, on December 26th 2017, has been righted. It was taken to Southampton docks; its cargo of timber was jettisoned and weights were added in order to right the vessel. The ship was en route from Riga to Warrenpoint in County Down, but lost some pallets overboard before developing the severe list. Water had seeped into tanks on the port side. The timber was jettisoned into the sea in a controlled manner, then retrieved and weights were added to the starboard side. The crew of 13 had been living on board throughout the operation The ship was expected to depart for Warrenpoint by next week if cleared by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. 1990-built, Russia-flagged, 2,489 gt Mekhanik Yartsev is owned and managed by Northern Shipping Co of Arkhangelsk, Russia. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group London L4) on behalf of Northern Shipping Co.

Pusher tug Wilf Seymour (IMO 5215789) and barge Alouette Spirit, which have been stranded in Lake St. Pierre at Louiseville since December 25th 2017, will not be refloated until spring. This decision was made owner McKeil Marine, which said that there would be too much ice for other tugs and barges to approach the grounded vessels to remove some of the cargo and tow it. The barge was carrying aluminium ingots from Sept-Iles to New York State. McKeil Marine said that there was no risk for the environment if the ships were left there until spring, and they would not cause navigation problems in the area. 1961-built, Canada-flagged, 442 gt Wilf Seymour is owned by McKeil Work Boats GP Inc and managed by McKeil Marine Ltd, both of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. It is entered with Shipowners’ P&I Club on behalf of McKeil Work Boats GP Inc.

Containership Hansa Meersburg (IMO 9373462) allided with a gantry crane at Keelung port, Taiwan, on the evening of January 8th while manoeuvring to its berth at the United Logistics Container Terminal The unmanned crane was toppled, and cargo that was being handled by the crane was shattered on the ground. More than 50 20-ft-containers were damaged or destroyed. The damaged berth crane belonged to Taiwan-based United Logistics International, which has five other identical cranes in service. The company is likely to seek compensation from the owner of the German ship, as well as recompense for the damaged crane. The East Pier 11 was also damaged, suffering a hole three metres wide and 2.8 metres deep. The Keelung Port authority and the police fenced off the accident site and a precautionary oil boom was laid out around the ship. The damage to the crane which was estimated at about around $5.1m. Hansa Meersburg suffered a hole in the bow in the allision and a damaged stern caused by the crane’s collapse. None of the 22 crew members on board were injured.

2007-built, Germany-flagged, 18,327 gt Hansa Meersburg is owned by H Meersburg GmbH care of manager Leonhardt & Blumberg Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Hydor.

Bulk carrier Amber L (IMO 9200354) which was involved in a collision with fishing vessel Carmel Matha, 14 miles off Kochi, Kerala, India, on June 11th 2017, and was detained at Kochi port, was released by the Indian Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) on January 8th. Two people were killed and one went missing in the accident. The Department has allowed the ship to leave, subject to clarification from the Kerala High Court that the order of release would not impede any lawful direction passed by any other authorities. The vessel was detained following a High Court directive after a petition was filed by surviving fishermen and the legal heirs of those killed in the collision. The Kerala High Court clarified that pendency of any action before court “ipso facto will not prevent the release of the ship, unless there are any prohibitory orders in force in such actions”. 2000-built, Panama-flagged, 25,955 gt Amber L is owned by Avenio Maritime SA care of manager Karlof Shipping of Athens, Greece. It is entered with London Club on behalf of Avenio Maritime SA.