Marine accident round-up : 10th January 2018

A significant part of a £1.8 million luxury Jersey yacht which sunk at the end of last year is believed to have washed up in France. The P6T2 hit a navigation buoy in St Aubin’s bay, Jersey, in November. Two people were rescued by lifeboat from a life-raft. The motor yacht then broke up on the sea bed and was not retrievable. The wreckage was found on Friday in Portbail, Normandy. The Ports of Jersey say French authorities are being put in touch with the owner’s insurer.

Bulk carrier Federal Cardinal (IMO 9732163) was fined C$6,000 for allegedly breaking Canada’s speed limit in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Transport Canada said that the fine was issued for non-respect of the temporary mandatory vessel slowdown, which was set in an effort to help ensure navigational safety and protect the marine environment. Canada introduced the speed restrictions last August for vessels of 20 metres or more to a maximum of 10 knots due to the increased presence of whales in the western Gulf of St. Lawrence, between the Quebec north shore and north of Prince Edward Island. 2015-built, Panama-flagged, 32,750 gt Federal Cardinal is owned by Vegabulk Shipholding SA care of manager Fednav of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ISM manager is MMSL Japan of Tokyo, Japan. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of member MMSL Pte Ltd.

Passenger/cargo RoRo Tingvoll (IMO 7220180) suffered an engine failure in the Edøyfjord between Smøla and Tustna on the morning of January 7th. The ship was disabled in high winds. Anchors were dropped to stop any drift. By 13:00 two lifeboats managed to pull and push the ferry to the quay in Edøya. 1972-built, Norway-flagged, 743 gt Tingvoll is owned and managed by Fjord1 AS of Floro, Norway.

Two vessels were damaged following a low impact collision in the North Sea. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said the incident, last August 22nd, involved the Foinaven FPSO and an offshore supply vessel. According to HSE’s report, Vroon’s Vos Pace ship was manoeuvring between Foinaven’s aft and forward cranes on the port side when the collision occurred. HSE claimed Golar-Nor (UK), which it identified as the Foinaven FPSO’s duty holder, had failed to report the incident. Golar-Nor (UK) is a subsidiary of vessel-owner Teekay. The watchdog ordered the company to review its arrangements for reporting incidents. The company has until February 28 to comply with the improvement notice. A Teekay spokesman said: “We can confirm that an HSE improvement notice was issued after contact was made between the Foinaven FPSO and the supply vessel Vos Pace during manoeuvring in August 2017. There were no injuries to personnel or damages to the environmental as a result of the incident. We are working with the regulator to close out the notice and remain committed to keeping our personnel and assets safe.”

General cargo ship Optimar (IMO 8300262) ran hard aground in heavy seas on the Brakan rocks, west of Hestskjæret, off Averøy on the morning of December 23rd  2017, while en route from Egersund to Bergneset. The crew of seven was picked up by a Sea King helicopter and shipped to Kristiansund. The ship was semi-loaded with around 1,300 tonnes. Optimar suffered a 10 to 15 metre-long breach in the hull and there were holes in the double bottom. A tug and a lifeboat assisted Optimar to dock at the GC Rieber quay. 1983-built, St Vincent & Grenadines-flagged, 1,939 gt Optimar is owned by Berge Rederei and managed by Transmar AS, both of Hitra, Norway. It is entered with Hydor.

General cargo ship Famita (IMO 9250438) ran aground while entering port on the evening of December 23rd 2017 in Svendborg, Denmark, after suffering a mechanical malfunction amid strong winds. The ship was refloated shortly after midnight on December 24th and taken to port. 2002-built, Bahamas-flagged, 2,999 gt Famita is owned by AMI AS care of manager Misje Rederei AS of Bergen, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I Club (Bermuda) on behalf of Misje Bulk AS.