Marine accident round-up : 20th July 2017

Passenger ship Iyanough (IMO 9375719) returned to service on the morning of July 18th, a month after it was damaged crashing into the Hyannis breakwater (see IMN, June 19th 2017). Repairs were completed at the Fairhaven Shipyard and it departed for Cape Cod on July 17th following successful sea trials in Buzzards Bay earlier in the day. The initial incident is understood to have been caused by the captain mistaking a metal pole and two ship masts on the Hyannis breakwater for a series of buoys, with high waves conceling other geographical markers. Both Captain Karl Riddar and pilot Thomas Manley were now back at work, but in a different capacity while the investigation continues. 2007-built, USA-flagged, 563 gt Iyanough is owned by Woods Hole Martha’s Vineyard of Massachusetts.

Kerala’s High Court in India has directed that cargo ship Amber L (IMO 9200354) be detained. On June 15th the vessel collided with an Indian boat, killing two fishermen. The court directed that the master of the vessel keep the ship in Indian territorial waters. Earlier, the coastal police had arrested the captain and two crew members of the merchant ship. 2000-built, Panama-flagged, 25,955 gt Amber L is owned by Avenio Maritime SA, care of manager Karlog Shipping Co of Athens, Greece. It is entered with London P&I.

Containership Heinrich Schepers (IMO 9584475) suffered engine damage during the transit of the Kiel Canal from Hamburg to Kotka during the afternoon of July 18th, near Grünental Bridge. The ship veered off course and ran into the embankment on the Northern canal side. An emergency anchoring manoeuvre reduced the force of the impact, but the ship came to rest perpendicular to the fairway, blocking traffic in both directions. Within an hour the crew had managed to get the engine running and the vessel pulled herself off the embankment. After initial investigations the ship was allowed to continue to Kiel, where it berthed at 21:30. After a survey the vessel was allowed to leave the port early on July 19th. 2012-built, Cyprus-flagged, 10,318 gt Heinrich Schepers is owned by Heinrich Schepers c/o manager HS Schiffahrts GmbH of Haren (Ems) Germany. It is entered with Hydor, where the flag is listed as Antigua & Barbuda.

Oil products tanker Kriti Sea (IMO 9252400) ran aground in the Çanakkale Strait, becoming stuck off the cape of Nara, after suffering a technical malfunction while transiting the Dardanelles on the morning of July 18th, en route from Marsaxylokk to Batumi. The ship became. Although the captain did not request aid, tugboats were despatched to assist. On July 19th the tanker was still stuck. 2002-built, Greece-flagged, 28,553 gt Kriti Sea is owned by Rhea Maritime Group, care of manager Avin International of Athens, Greece. It is entered with West of England P&I on behalf of Rhea Maritime Corp.

General cargo ship Mosvik (IMO 8710998) allided with a roro ramp in the East Shore Port in Kiel on July 17th. Moving under its own power from berth 1 to 4, the ship failed to reduce speed and hit the ramp at between 1.5 to 2 knots, causing significant damage to the ramp and its pontoon, putting it out of commission. 1987-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 2,236 gt Mosvik (formerly Star Vita) is owned by Norvik Shipping of Oslo, Norway, and managed by Bulkship Management of the same city. It is entered with Gard on behalf of Belbulk Shipping Pte Ltd. Last week Mosvik developed a list on the Holtenau Anchorage when approaching the locks of the Kiel Canal on the afternoon of July 14th, while en route from Riga to Creeksea. After first listing to starboard, it then heeled 30 degrees to port. The crew of 12 only kept it from capsizing by abandoning the deck cargo of plywood, as a result of which between 25 and 30 bundles landed in the water of the Kiel Fjord.

Containership Ever Lissome (IMO 9629079) suffered an engine failure shortly before midnight on July 9th on the Weser, shortly after leaving Bremerhaven while sailing towards the North Sea. The ship was stabilized by dropping anchor at fairway buoy 39. Two tugs held the vessel in position until the situation was rectified. It later was able to continue its voyage and arrived in Le Havre on July 11th, leaving on July

12th for New York. 2014-built, UK-flagged, 99,946 gt Ever Lissome is owned and managed by Evergreen Marine Corp of Taoyuan City, Taiwan. ISM manager is Evergreen Marine UK Ltd of London, UK. It is entered with Gard on behalf of Greencompass Marine SA.

Self discharging bulk carrier CSL Laurentien (IMO 7423108) ran aground on the morning of July 18th while leaving Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, while sailing downstream on St Mary’s River on Lake Superior. After some hours the vessel was refloated with the help of two tugs and then taken to anchorage in the St Mary’s estuary for inspection. 1977-built, Canada-flagged 24,024 gt CSL Laurentien is owned by CL Group Inc of Montreal, Canada, and managed by CSL Americas of Massachusetts, USA. It is entered with Britannia P&I Club on behalf of CSL Group Inc.

Divers have located a sunken cage of the blades of wind turbine lost by the BBC Ontario (IMO 9312157) on June 30th. The divers, the SAR Gavia and the Salvamar Alioth are continuing their recovery work off Celeiro. The vessel suffered the cargo loss in the Bay of Biscay when loaded with wind turbine blades, three 40-meter blades per cage, en route from Bilbao, whence she had sailed on the afternoon of June 28th, destination Gibraltar. Nine cages were lost in rough seas between San Cibrao (Cervo) and Viveiro, in Mariña de Lugo. The accident happened following a cargo shift which unleashed some of the cages. The 27 blades that fell into the water were of great volume and weight. 2004-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 9,611 gt BBC Ontario is owned by Graf Edzard of Leer, Germany, and managed by Krey Sciffahrts GmbH of the same address. It is entered with Steamship on behalf of Krey Schiffahrt.

Trawler Stangnestind – F-12 TN (IMO 8850425) was reported disabled on July 17th in the Barents Sea off Bear Island after a net fouled its propeller. The trawler requested assistance from the Norwegian Coastguard which deployed patrol boat Andenes. Divers managed to clear the propeller of the obstruction within one hour so that the vessel could continue fishing.

Containership Containerships VI (IMO 9188518) suffered an engine blackout shortly after leaving the Brunsbüttel locks of the Kiel Canal on the afternoon of July 15th, en route from Rotterdam to Helsinki. The vessel drifted in the canal port before being towed to the Navy Pilings North in Brunsbüttel. The crew managed to fix the engine and the ship released the tugs after having passed the locks in Kiel-Holtenau, continuing to Helsinki. 1999-built, Germany-flagged, 9,953 gt Containerships VI is owned by Astria GmbH, care of Wegener H-P Reederei of Jork Niederelbe, Germany. It is entered with Hydor.