Many Philippines seafarers still missing a month after Typhoon Odette

About a month after Typhoon Odette hit the Philippines on December 26th 2021, there is no trace of the tug Strong Trinity (IMO 8204755) which went missing with 12 seafarers off Talisay City in Cebu during Typhoon Odette in December 2021.

The Philippine Navy has used SONAR to try to find the vessel, but has been unsuccessful. PCG Cebu said that it intended to continue to search.

The Ida (IMO 8631269) sank off Barangay Tayud in northern Cebu. Three of the crew remained missing after one was found on the shores in one of the islands off Bohol’s Buenavista and Getafe.

General cargo ship St Padre Pio (IMO 8731318) was abandoned by its 14 crew members during the typhoon. Eight swam to shore in their life jackets, but five remain missing. The St Padre Pio was coming from Naga City in Cebu as Typhoon Odette struck Central Visayas . It was loaded with 28,000 cement sacks when it took anchor in Getafe, joining about 50 other sea vessels for shelter However, when the typhoon struck, the St Padre Pio sank. Other vessels had either had capsized or

had run aground. Almost 40 vessels are yet to be retrieved by shipping enterprises from the region.

One crewman out of the 27 on Passenger/vehicle RoRo Lite Ferry 10 (IMO 8618695) remained missing as a result of the typhoon.

1984-built, Philippines-flagged, 296 gt Strong Trinity is owned and managed by Cebu-based Key West Shipping Line Corp.

1987-built, Philippines-flagged, 249 gt Ida is owned and managed by Cebu-based Unilink Shipping Corp

2000-built, Philippines-flagged 248 gt St Padre Pio is owned and managed by Medallion Transport of Cebu, Philippines.

1987-built, Philippines-flagged, 999 gt Lite Ferry 10 is owned and managed by Lite Shipping Corp of Cebu, Philippines.