Many container claims could easily be avoided, says Shipowners’ P&I Club

In a recent container operations risk assessment, P&I Club Shipowners’ has said that it came as no surprise that the nature of this trade gave rise to a considerably large volume of claims, “many of which could have been easily avoided had greater oversight and diligence been exercised”.

Shipowners’ Club noted that the marine transportation of containers was a dynamic operation that required close supervision from the moment the containers were taken under the Member’s care until such time when they were safely delivered to the receiver.

As part of its Risk Assessment series, the Club has focused on cargo operations on board a container vessel. The Club said that its data identified the main areas of causation for container-related cargo claims to be, collectively, wet damage to cargo in containers, which formed the largest percentage of the cargo claims, with damage to reefer cargoes accounting for more than a quarter of all incidents.

Other factors, including improper handling, improper stowage and inadequate lashings of containers, have been addressed in a sample risk assessment form.

Shipowners’ Club said that the risk assessment was for guidance purposes only and that it was “imperative that operators conduct their own risk assessments based on their individual operating parameters”.