Man steals pilot boat, is chased by other pilot boats

In a bizarre incident early on October 20th off the port of Livorno, a Dutch man stole a pilot boat, set sail, and, after being chased by pilots in other pilot boats, promptly collided with RoRo cargo ship Maria Grazia Onorato (IMO 9848479). The 54-year-old, who was subsequently found to be intoxicated, had stolen the pilot boat while it was moored at the pilot station. A group of pilots returned after a service, only to notice that one of their boats was out in the open sea with a stranger on board. A chase ensued.

It was during this pursuit that the pilot boat hit the Maria Grazia Onorato, which had been sailing from Livorno to Cagliari.

The pilot boat suffered a leak in the bow.

The thief continued to try to escape until the vessel stopped. At this point he decided for some reason that the optimal strategy was to set it on fire. Fortuitously a crew from the naval section of the fire brigade happened to be passing and, seeing the flames, did their best to put out the fire. The man was then apprehended and the pilot boat was taken in tow by a boat of the harbour master. Police and an ambulance were waiting in Livorno port for the man’s return.

2019-built, Italy-flagged, 32,926 gt Maria Grazia Onorato is owned and managed by Compagnia Italiana Di Navigazione of Naples, Italy. It is entered with Standard Club (European Division) on behalf of SY RoRo 2 Pte. Ltd.