Maersk Urges US east coast ports to use Suez Canal delays to clear congestion

Denmark-based shipping line Maersk has urged the operators of congested US Atlantic Coast ports to take advantage of the Suez Canal blockage from March 23d to March 29th to clear cargo from their terminals.

Maersk vessels which were scheduled to arrive at Atlantic Coast ports this week will be delayed by between four and seven days, Maersk said.

Maersk said in an advisory dated April 2nd, that “as USEC ports have experienced congestion in recent months, and we urge all logistics partners to take this opportunity to clear cargo from terminals which will allow them to operate more efficiently. In addition, this period provides a space to return empty containers and dwelling chassis with less traffic and congestion. This will ready the industry infrastructure best possible for when the delayed vessels will arrive and enable fastest possible deliveries after discharge”.

Maersk noted that “the gap of several vessel arrivals to the US east coast from April 6th and approximately a week forward, will be industry wide as vessels start to clear the Suez channel or arrive from the travelling south of Cape Horn”.

Ports impacted specifically include the ports of Newark, Savannah and Charleston.