Maersk had to reinstall 45,000 computers after hacker attack

Maersk Group was forced to reinstall 4,000 servers, 45,000 computers and 2,500 applications as a result of a cyber-attack late last June.

Maersk Chairman Jim Hagemann Snabe said at the World Economic Forum last week that  the attack, which hit a large part of the company for days – attacked the company’s entire infrastructure.”

At a panel on cyber security he said that the reinstallation was achieved in just 10 days through a heroic effort by staff and partners. “Normally – I come from the IT industry – you would say that would take six months. I can only thank the employees and partners we had doing that.” The cyber-attack occurred on crippled a significant part of the group over several days, with Maersk Line and APM Terminals hit hard.

Maersk said last year that the attack was expected to hit profits by between $250m $300m when the full-year results are published on February 9th, mainly related to business lost in July and August.