Loss prevention: animations on bunkering best practices

American Club’s manager have released a five-part series of animations providing guidance to seafarers on bunkering best practices. The animations address best practices generally and those specific to forthcoming requirements under Annex VI to MARPOL.

The Club’s managers added that the Club would be issuing further bunker-related guidance material which will be available to Members in the coming weeks.

Flash drives containing the animations are available to Members free of charge. Requests should be directed to Ms. Danielle Centeno, Assistant Vice President – Loss Prevention & Survey Compliance, at danielle.centeno@american-club.com or Dr. William Moore, Senior Vice President, at +1 212 847 4542 or by e-mail at william.moore@american-club.com.

The new animations and the Club’s other bunker-related guidance material can be found on the Club’s website at: