Longshoreman rescued after long fall into hold of cargo ship

New Orleans firefighters last week rescued a longshoreman who somehow survived a fall into the hold of a cargo ship of between 60ft and 100ft.

At about 17:30 last Tuesday October 12th New Orleans Emergency Medical Services and the New Orleans Fire Department were dispatched to a medical emergency at the port’s Poland Avenue Wharf. A longshoreman who had been working on board a bulker was reported to have tripped and fallen to the bottom of an open hold. Somehow, he survived.

Several firemen descended into the hold with a Stokes litter and secured the victim with straps. When ready, they used the ship’s crane to fly him out of the hold and deliver him to an ambulance which took him to hospital. A fire department spokesman said that the victim was conscious, alert and able to communicate with responders throughout his rescue. He appeared to be suffering from just a broken arm.