London P&I Club warns on nickel ore from Indonesia

London P&I Club has informed its Members of a notice circulated by Intercargo concerning the increased risks associated with the carriage of nickel ore from Indonesia during the wet season:

Intercargo said that during Indonesia’s current wet season of October to April there had been heavy rain, resulting in significant congestion at both loading and unloading ports in Asia.

Intercargo said that the heavy rainfall increased the risk of Nickle Ore and other Group A cargoes (cargoes that might liquefy) being shipped with a Moisture Content (MC) above its Transportable Moisture Limit (TML). It noted that the transportation of Group A cargoes with a MC above its TML could lead to cargo failure (liquefaction/dynamic separation) “with catastrophic results”.

Intercargo also reported that its Secretariat had been informed of a case in Indonesia where Nickel Ore had been misdeclared as Iron Ore.

Intercargo reminded its Members to be especially cautious when accepting cargoes from Indonesia and surrounding regions during the wet season and during times of heavy rainfall.