Lighting system in vessel caused fire, says NZ TAIC

UK Club said that it had recently been notified by New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) of a cargo hold fire caused by the lighting system in a vessel hold. The Club advised members that alternative LED lighting should be considered to reduce the potential risk to ship safety posed by lights that radiate high levels of heat.

NZ TAIC said that the fire on board was caused by radiated heat from an incandescent reflector lamp fitted in a cargo light igniting the timber cargo.

It was noted that, while it was widely known that incandescent reflector lamps produced heat, the findings of this investigation offered valuable information to ship designers, owners and operators to consider when selecting the means of lighting in the cargo holds and other parts of their ships. “There are equivalent lighting options, such as LED lamps, that do not produce the same high temperatures”, the Club said.