Large scale theft of yellow peas and rape seed

Signum Services, the investigative arm of Thomas Miller & Co, is currently investigating a case involving large scale theft of cargo involving shipments of Yellow Peas and Rape Seed from Ukraine to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, reports UK P&I Club.

Each 20ft container stored up to 25 tons as bulk cargo. UK P&I said that to date it had discovered in excess of 200 containers arriving at their destinations with more than 95% of its cargo missing.

The full extent of this crime is not fully known as there may still be containers on route to many destinations by various shipping lines.

Close examination of the containers revealed up to six small circular holes (each 4 inches in circumference) drilled into the floor of the containers. Containers were not weighed on entering the port of loading and relied on shippers’ declaration as shown in the Bill of Lading. All indications are that these thefts occurred before the containers entered the port.

UK Club said that the investigation was still “very active” Members were warned to exercise extreme caution when shipping these types of cargo in bulk, in containers from Odessa. “In cases of doubt, please ensure that the containers are weighed at the port before loading on to a vessel”, the Club said.