Iran-backed Houthi militias seized 19 oil tankers, claims Saudi Arabia

Houthi militias had hijacked 19 oil tankers in the Red Sea, according to Saudi ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Al Jaber.

He said on Saturday April 21st that Houthi militias could possibly decide to blow up the oil vessels. The Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Support Centre (YCHO) is deeply concerned that the Iranian-backed Houthi militias are holding more than 19 oil vessels in the militia- controlled area of Al-Mustaqaf, preventing them from entering the port,” Jaber tweeted on Saturday.

Houthis prevented the 19 oil tankers, carrying 200,000 tons of oil,  from entering Hodeidah port, which remains under militia control. Jaber claimed that Houthi militiamen were imposing “royalties up to $1m for each ship allowed docking in the port.”