Intercargo wonders how much 0.5% sulphur fuel will be available come 2020

UK-based International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (Intercargo), the association of owners, operators and managers in dry cargo shipping, has said that it was encouraging “effective but pragmatic” enforcement of the 0.5% sulphur cap from 2020, given the drastic changes that will be taking place within the shipping industry.

At its latest meeting in Singapore Intercargo questioned the likely availability and safety aspects of compliant fuels when the IMO’s global 0.5% sulphur cap comes into force at the beginning of 2020. It said that it “encourages the effective implementation of the ‘2020 Sulphur Cap’ regulation yet with a pragmatic approach. A reasonable and measured enforcement of the regulation during an initial transitional period would thus be welcome instead”.

Intercargo said that owners would face both technical and operational challenges in an uncertain landscape as they battled to comply with the new regulations. It said that “if a smooth transition is not ensured, the impact will be great. There will be an impact on trade, on economic growth and on the societies of both developed and developing countries worldwide”.