Indonesian immigration authorities becoming stricter

Standard Club has informed Members that Indonesian immigration authorities have been taking a strict approach to the enforcement of local visa regulations, resulting in significant fines and the deportation of a number of crew. Indonesian lawyers advise that crew who enter Indonesian territory while on duty onboard a vessel are

exempted from the obligation to obtain a visa. However, crew are only allowed to enter Indonesian territory upon receiving an Visit Stay Stamp in their passport from the Immigration officer at the Immigration checkpoint.

Although the law provides that a Visit Stay Permit can be granted to crew for a maximum non-renewable period of 60 days, it is very rare for Immigration to grant the maximum time. In some cases Immigration grant the Visit Stay Permit based on the vessel’s schedule. If crew on board remain in Indonesia beyond the period granted, members will be subject to penalties for overstaying.

Standard Club noted that this legislation appeared to have been in force for some time, but only recently has Indonesian Immigration become stricter in the enforcement of the law. Standard Club advised that members should ask the local agent to check and notify the duration of Visit Stay permits given to crew immediately after completion of Immigration clearance.

With regard to additional costs that may be incurred in compliance with Indonesian Immigration Law Standard Club observes that “members may consider expressly allocating these costs to charterers in the governing charterparty to avoid disputes as to who shall pay”. Full Indonesian law at: