Indonesia: illegal anchoring off Tanjung Berakit waters

UK Club said this week that it had received an update on the detention of vessels anchored in waters off Bintan Island, Indonesia.

In September 2021 UK Club issued an alert from Club correspondent Spica Services (Indonesia) WISMA PMI in which the correspondent highlighted the increasing incidents of detention of vessels anchored.

The Club has now received an update on the situation from Singapore-based Information Fusion Centre (IFC). In its Shipping Advisory 02/22 dated August 24th the IFC advises that, from January to July 2022, 10 foreign merchant vessels (five general cargo ships and five tankers) were detained for illegal anchoring in Tanjung Berakit waters. Tanjung Berakit is the promontory to the North East of Bintan Island. To reduce incidents of illegal anchoring, the Indonesian Authorities have now released a map designating the anchorage areas. This comprises two zones.

In additional to familiarizing themselves with the designated anchoring area, Members are also recommended to appoint local agents, to obtain permission from the local port authority prior to anchoring and to ensuring full compliance with local laws and regulations.