India providing escorts for Indian container ships around the Red Sea

India’s defence ministry has said that its military forces were providing protective escorts to Indian container ships in the high seas around the Red Sea, according to Reuters, citing an unnamed Idian government source.

“The cost of freight & insurance has risen due to ships being compelled to avoid the region and take a longer route. There is no shortage of containers, but we see a longer turnaround time,” the source said, adding that “many consignments are being escorted with security in high seas with help from Ministry of Defence,” the source, who Reuters said had direct knowledge of the matter, said on Friday January 5th.

The Indian Navy said last week that task groups of frigates and destroyers had been deployed in the central and northern Arabian Sea to assist merchant vessels passing through the region. It noted that “aerial surveillance by long-range maritime patrol aircraft and RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) has been enhanced to have a complete maritime domain awareness”.