Increase in Algerian fines of Masters for non-declaration of cash

Japan P&I Club said that it had received information from its correspondents in Algeria, Neffous Shipping & Consulting, about a rise in customs fines at Algerian ports. Japan Club noted that, during a vessel’s call at Algerian ports, Masters are under a legal obligation to declare cash on board to the customs authorities. Undeclared cash on board is subject to confiscation. In addition, a fine of at least double the amount confiscated is imposed under local law.

Anyone who commits an offence under the law is liable to a sentence of between two and seven years in jail and a fine which shall not be less than twice the sum which brought the offence. The correspondents noted an increase of customs fines for Masters who are not declaring cash on board at Bejaia. They recommend that Masters inform their local agents and declare any cash on board to the customs. The declaration will be handed to customs authorities in their presence.