Ince unveils InceDemurrage for the maritime sector

UK-based international legal and professional services firm Ince has launched InceDemurrage, which it described as “a fully integrated, one-stop demurrage solution for clients operating in the maritime sector”.

InceDemurrage is the result of a collaboration between Ince and laytime and demurrage specialist Demurrage Desk. The new offering deploys the latest technology “to provide insightful advice for claims management, collection, and dispute resolution”.

InceDemurrage combines Demurrage Desk’s  despatch and demurrage analysis with Ince’s legal advisory experience in demurrage claims and disputes.

The offering intends aims to develop more integrated solutions, streamlining the demurrage process, involving Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain technology.

The service is specifically aimed at shipowners, vessel operators, charterers, traders, P&I clubs, and any other organization that works with laytime and demurrage and requires insight, clarity, collection, dispute resolution and streamlining of demurrage and laytime processes.

Julian Clark, Global Senior Partner at Ince, said that Ince was “excited to bring InceDemurrage to our existing and new clients to provide them with expert guidance and ultimate clarity in demurrage claim cases, based on specialist knowledge and tech-led insights and intelligence.

Jean-Paul Dezutter, founder and CEO of Demurrage Desk, said that “demurrage and despatch claims remain a constant challenge within the shipping industry. A typical ship operator may face up to 400 negotiations every year, and if just 50% of those negotiations can be managed favourably, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved.”