ICS publishes Flag State performance table

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has published its latest Flag State Performance Table. The table provides an overview of the performance of the world’s flag states against a number of criteria such as port state control records, ratification of international maritime conventions and attendance at IMO meetings.

The purpose of the Flag State Performance Table is to encourage shipowners and operators to examine whether a flag state has sufficient substance before using it, and to encourage shipowners and operators to put pressure on their flag administrations to effect any improvements that might be necessary, especially in relation to safety of life at sea, the protection of the marine environment, and the provision of decent working and living conditions for seafarers.

An important development in the previous 12 months is that participation by maritime administrations in the IMO Member State Audit Scheme became mandatory in 2016. ICS intends to add a field to address this issue in 2018. http://www.ics-shipping.org/docs/flag-state-performance-table