Hanjin trustee takes legal action over claimed outstanding freight and detention charges

Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy protection in August 2016 and eventually liquidated in February 2017, but legal disputes continue, reports Freightwaves.

According to court documents filed in September 2021, the trustee has claimed that Hanjin is owed $485,908 in outstanding freight and detention charges for services through to 2016 from shippers Barthco and OHL, entities that have since been absorbed by freight forwarder Geodis.

Geodis said its predecessor incurred significant expenses retrieving containers abandoned by Hanjin and that it no longer even has the records or witnesses necessary to investigate. It is arguing that the claim should be time-barred.

The dispute — over a half-decade-old bill charged by a long-deceased carrier — appeared to be heading for arbitration.