Hanjin Miami can dock in Elizabeth, NJ, but won’t be able to leave

Containership Hanjin Miami, which has been stranded off the New Jersey coast for three weeks, is expected in Elizabeth on Thursday morning. A pilot and tugboat operator required to get the 300-metreship into Maher Terminals have now been paid.

As of September 20th Hanjin Miami was about 300m off the US Atlantic coast, with New Jersey as its destination.

Although the full container ship can unload in Newark, at the moment it will not be able to leave. A dispute remains over possession of the empty containers that the ship needs as ballast to clear the Bayonne Bridge and get back out to sea.

Some 30 Hanjin-operated vessels have been forced to wait at sea, holding an estimated $14 billion in cargo. Much of that is made up of consumer goods heading for the US Christmas season market. Meanwhile Hanjin Shipping vessels were reported as having begun to berth in Singapore, one of its planned “safe harbours”, on September 21st.