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Guinea: new threat for vessels loading bauxite

Budd Guinea, part of the international marine services and Correspondent group Budd, has said that in recent months it had observed a hardening in the attitude of the Ministry of Mines and Geology (MMG) personnel, who carry out mandatory draft surveys on board vessels loading bauxite.

Budd noted that the MMG was now threatening to withhold outward clearance from any vessel which refused to align its, and/or their surveyor’s, draft figures with their own.

To mitigate this risk, and the very considerable expense which delays in sailing may cause, Budd recommended that vessels loading bauxite in Guinea’s ports (Conakry, Kamsar, Boffa, Boke etc.) appoint a surveyor to carry out initial and final draft surveys so that he or she can assist in communicating and negotiating with the French mother-tongue MMG surveyor to minimize any discrepancies. “In case of need, our surveyors will also advise the Master on issuing letters of protest and the apposition of clauses on the MMG draft results which the vessel will be asked to sign”, said Budd.

In view of the liquefaction risks associated with bauxite, Budd Guinea regularly appoints surveyors to monitor cargo quality prior to and during loading in all the main mineral terminals.

Guinea is the fifth largest bauxite exporter and boasts over 23% of the world’s reserves. Budd observed that during a period of political uncertainty, Guinea’s military junta was “keen to safeguard its economic interests”.