Growth in capacity at Vietnam’s Cai Mep port hampered by lack of infrastructure

Although Vietnam has invested heavily to build its modern deep-water port complex, the Cai Mep International Terminal (CMIT) which is the nation’s only cargo gateway that can receive vessels of up to 18,000 TEU, is not attracting the vessels it needs because it failed to build the necessary infrastructure for ships to enter and exit the port, reported VietNamNet Bridge, citing Vietnam Port Association (VPA) secretary general Ho Kim Lan.

As a result 80% of container imports and exports still have to use small ports and vessels.

He said that the situation was hindering the development of the country’s shipping industry. Vessels are refusing to enter CMIT and instead prefer to have goods handled at Cat Lai port in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). network that

connects the complex, vessels still have to use Cat Lai port,” said VPA’s secretary general, adding that “we have been trying every possible way to attract goods to CMIT but the efforts have brought very modest results”.