Greenpeace activists protest against gas pipeline construction

A group of Greenpeace activists on Thursday September 7th protested against the construction of a gas pipeline in the port of Mukran, Germany on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen.

Early in the morning the protestors moved three inflatable boats in front of the ships in the port of Mukran to prevent them from sailing. The vessels were supposed to transport the pipes for the planned landing pipeline to Lubmin, where construction work was already underway.

The inscription “No new gas” was painted on the port side of offshore supply ship Standard Duke (IMO 9499682). A banner with the slogan “Gas Destroys” was also attached to the loading crane.

Federal and water police were joined by the fire brigade.

The ship managed to leave port after about six hours. All activists had left the occupied loading crane. Some of them climbed down voluntarily; others were brought down by the fire brigade with a turntable ladder and handed over to the police.

These people could face charges of holding an unannounced meeting, damaging property and trespassing. The police said that they were also looking for the part of the group that left the port after the work ship was blocked.

2012-built, UK-flagged, 2,215 gt Standard Duke is owned by ShipInvest 26 AS care of manager Fletcher Supply Vessels Ltd of Dundee, UK. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Fletcher Supply Vessels, As of September 8th the vessel was reported as Stopped at Sassnitz Anchorage, Germany.