Ghana Authorities implement stricter MARPOL enforcement, significantly increasing fines for violations

In a recent advisory sent by The Swedish Club’s correspondent Eltvedt & O’Sullivan, it was noted that, in a circular issued by TCI Ghana, attention had been drawn to the stringent enforcement of MARPOL regulations by Ghanaian authorities. The circular underscored the fact that that even minor infractions could lead to substantial financial penalties.

Vessel operators and maritime stakeholders therefore were strongly urged to take heed of the circular, which outlined the escalated fines for MARPOL violations mandated by the Ghana Maritime Authorities. Of particular significance was the emphasis on Loss Prevention measures.

A detailed breakdown of the revised fine structure can be found in the document at the link below. Vessels calling at Ghana Ports are advised to exercise extreme caution in ensuring adherence to MARPOL regulations to avoid potentially hefty fines.