Gard warns on Peru’s Callao Anchorage

Norwegian marine insurer and Group Club Gard has warned its members to maintain vigilance at Callao Anchorage in Peru. It said that on September 29th a vessel was boarded by thieves while it was at anchor there.

The duty crew and shore watchmen on routine rounds were tied up and held at knifepoint before the robbers escaped with the ship’s stores, according to a report from the International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB PRC).

IMB PRC said that this incident was the 13th reported case of piracy / armed robbery from Callao Anchorage so far in 2023, and the third in September alone. Only 12 incidents were reported from Callao during the whole of 2022.

Recent reports from this port indicated that crew were frequently taken hostage, assaulted and threatened, making this location quite a high risk for crew.