Gard launches cyber security awareness campaign

Marine insurer Gard has partnered with DNV GL to raise awareness of the need for strong cyber-security in the marine sector. Gard said that cyber security was high on the agenda for many Gard members and clients.

It said that “the human factor” was important in cyber security management and there was still some work to be done in this respect.. Awareness, training and competence was in demand, and not least there was a need to demystify and make real the cyber security issues faced by the ship’s crew.

Gard and DNV GL have produced a video and a supporting presentation identifying some of the risks, technical and operational issues, and steps the maritime industry can take to address them.

Jarle Fosen, Loss Prevention Executive in Gard, said that the cyber security awareness campaign was not intended to create fear or uncertainty. “We do not want to present cyber security as a shadowy criminal hacker, but rather show how easy it is to fall victim to a social-engineered attack and the simple steps that can be taken to prevent such attacks by thinking before you click!  We want to influence good crew behaviour and attitude and enable them to manage some of the risks,” Fosen said.

Cyber security – introductory video (3 mins)

Cyber security – full video  (20 mins)

Cyber security – information page