Gabon update from NorthStandard

In its latest update on the situation in Gabon – particularly its ports – subsequent to the recent military coup,NorthStandard P&I Club has noted that operations in the country’s ports continued to be impacted.

The military in Gabon seized power on the morning of August 20th 2023 and placed President Ali Bongo under house arrest. This followed election results announcing the re-election of Ali Bongo, alleged by many in the country to be fraudulent.

Club correspondents have provided an update on status as follows.

Gabon P&I reports:

  • Port of Owendo is open with military controls at the gate.
  • Services at port are open but working slowing because of uncertainty around persons in charge.
  • Borders have been reopened and on September 3rd one of the first ships which was locked as result of the coup had been authorised to sail out.
  • Curfew from 1800-0600 hrs

Budd Gabon reports:

  • The streets are now heavily patrolled by military personnel.
  • A complete halt in all commercial operations, including those at the ports of Libreville and Port Gentil.
  • Many citizens are refraining from venturing outside due to the prevailing risks.
  • The army officers have explicitly communicated the temporary closure of all of Gabon’s borders.

TCI Africa further reports:

  • Local representatives in Libreville advise of an apparent calm atmosphere in the country.
  • Internet connection is now re-established.
  • Roads are closed.