Gabon increases security level after piracy surge in the Gulf of Guinea

Local authorities in Gabon have raised the ISPS Security Level for Gabonese waters and ports from MARSEC Level 1 to MARSEC Level 2. The level will remain in place until further notice.

Since the start of 2021 there have been several reported attacks, with the latest attack method by armed individuals seeing the use of a previously attacked fishing vessel (the Lian Peng Yu 809) as a mother vessel, whence smaller boats were being launched to approach larger vessels.

Standard Club strongly advised members who might be transiting high-risk areas to comply fully with all the recommended best management practice planning, voyage and reporting procedures. “If transiting Gabonese waters, it is advised to closely monitor VHF as the Gabonese Navy might call with instructions when approaching Gabonese waters”, Standard Club said. It thanked its correspondent Eltvedt & O’Sullivan and TCI AFRICA (Gabon) for the information.