FPSO P-70 ‘stable’ after storm pushes it near coast

Brazilian oil company Petrobras said on Friday February 7th that the recently delivered FPSO P-70 was stable after a storm that hit Rio de Janeiro on January 30th pushed the FPSO near a beach in Niteroi.

“Due to the storm that hit the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro on Thursday night (January 30th), the [FPSO P-70] was moved near the coast,” Petrobras said.

The incident happened when the 288 metres long FPSO was being anchored in the bay by tugs responsible for securing the vessel, by means of four anchor lines.

When the last line was in the process of being connected, two were broken due to the force of the winds and the FPSO “was moved to an area closer to Boa Viagem beach, in Niterói,” Petrobras said. “The P-70 is stabilized. There were no casualties or damage to the environment, and so far there is no record of damage to the platform”.

Petrobras has said it has already redirected the P-70 to the area where it will be anchored in Guanabara Bay to wait for the necessary authorizations, after which it will proceed to the Atapu field in the Santos Basin pre-salt.

FPSO-70 has had a bad run of luck. While being transported from China to Brazil aboard the Boka Vanguard FPSO last month, six contractors illegally consumed a cleaning liquid found on board of the FPSO, leading to one death.