Four piracy incidents reported to ReCAAP ISC in week to Dec 25th

There were four incidents of armed robbery against ships reported to the ReCAAP ISC in the week leading up to December 25th.

One was in Maheshkhali Island, Bangladesh, one in Cam Pha, Vietnam, and two occurred in Muara Berau, Indonesia on the same day, on the same ship.

The Bangladesh incident involved tug boat Crest Spartan 8 about 22 nm southwest of Maheshkhali Island, Bangladesh. While approaching Chittagong anchorage area, the crew noticed two fishing boats with eight to 10 perpetrators, which came alongside and boarded the barge which was being towed by the tugboat. The master attempted, but failed, to contact Chittagong Port Control, but, to no avail. The master and crew continued to monitor the barge and maintain speed until reaching the anchorage area. Several items were stolen from the barge but there was no damage or injury to any of the crew.

Bulker Tron Legacy was at Hon Net Anchorage area, Cam Pha, Vietnam when six perpetrators were observed near the paint store and several others were seen on the forecastle deck. Initially the crew thought that that they were stevedores, but when he saw one of them carrying a bucket of paint from the paint store, he suspected they were thieves. The crew informed the duty officer, who informed the master. The crew made a public announcement, raised the alarm and mustered the crew. Upon hearing the alarm, the perpetrators escaped via a cargo barge moored alongside with 882 litres of paint.

Bulk carrier GH Northern Dancer was at anchor at Muara Berau, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, when the crew sighted three perpetrators near the forecastle deck and forward of No. 1 Ch. The criminals escaped in a small boat alongside the ship after stealing two mooring ropes. Then, less than 24 hours later, the same ship in the same anchorage was boarded by four thieves armed with long knives through the port anchor hawse pipe via anchor chain. Once again the crew spotted the perpetrators and raised the alarm, and once again the perpetrators fled. This time nothing was stolen.