Four Nigerians are rescued in Brazil after 14 days in ship’s rudder compartment

Four Nigerian stowaways crossing the Atlantic in a tiny space above the rudder of Liberia-flagged cargo ship Ken Wave (IMO 9454204) have been rescued after `14 days, having run out of food and drink four days previously.

They were eventually rescued by Brazilian federal police in the southeastern port of Vitoria.

The four men were surprised to learn that they were in Brazil, as they thought the ship on which they had stowed away was heading to Europe.

Two of the men have since been returned to Nigeria, at their own request, while the other two have applied for asylum in Brazil.

To prevent themselves from falling into the water, the men rigged up a net around the rudder and tied themselves to it with a rope. Due to the cramped conditions and the noise of the engine, sleep was rare and risky.

2009-built, Liberia-flagged, 31,579 gt Ken Wave is owned by Fair Wind Marshall SA care of Daido Kaiun Co Ltd of Imabari, Ehime, Japan. It is managed by Ikaros Shipping & Brokerage of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of Fair Wind Marshall SA. As of August 1st the vessel was off the coast of Morocco, en route from Santos, Brazil, to Gibraltar.