Four firms sanctioned by US over Venezuelan oil shipments

The US Treasury Department has sanctioned four shipping firms for transporting Venezuelan oil, it revealed on Tuesday June 2nd.

Marshall Islands-based Afranav Maritime Ltd, Adamant Maritime Ltd and Sanibel Shiptrade Ltd, plus Greece-based Seacomber Ltd, all own tankers that moved Venezuelan oil between February and April of this year, the Treasury Department said.

Treasury also designated four tankers owned by the companies as blocked property. According to PDVSA documents those tankers had been used by Rosneft, Libre Abordo and a related Mexican firm – Schlager Business Group – to transport Venezuelan oil this year.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that “these companies are transporting oil that was effectively stolen from the Venezuelan people”.

The FBI is also probing several Mexican and European companies that are allegedly involved in trading Venezuelan oil. One of those companies, Libre Abordo, said this week it was bankrupt.