Fish carrier Hardhaus still stuck in listing floating dock

Attempts were being made on August 18th to correct the list of 82-metre floating dock Nordsøkedralen, which has fish carrier Hardhaus (IMO 9263526) now floating independently inside it, at the Hirtshals Yard. Water in the dock’s ballast tanks was moved in an attempt to return the floating dock to a more level position. Hardhaus had been docked in the Nordsøkedralen for maintenance work, having arrived in port on August 16th.

Crane ship Sanne A (IMO 8749602) has been sent from Nyborg to Hirtshals to remove the gate of the capsized floating dock. The crane was expected in port, together with Danish tug Stevns Battler (IMO 9547867) on August 20th.

It remained unclear what caused the accident, although one witness reported hearing a loud bang at 06:15 local time on August 17th, although some listing had been seen two hours earlier. Shortly afterwards the dock broke down on the side.

On August 17th the yard’s management held day-long meetings with experts and representatives of the insurer to plan on how the dock could be rectified with the least damage.

The Hardhaus, although trapped inside the dock, was no longer resting on the bottom of the dock but was now floating independently. Sanne A will lift the big gate of the floating dock, which has no power of its own to remove the trawler from the dock, and investigate how much damage has occurred. Hardhaus suffered water ingress into the engine room as a result of the accident and currently cannot sail with own power.

2003-built, Norway-flagged, 1,936 gt Hardhaus is owned by Hardhaus AS and managed by Mogster I, both of Bekkjarvik, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I (Bermuda) on behalf of Hardhaus AS