Fire hits Michigan marina in Muskegon

A fire broke out at the Safe Harbor Great Lakes Marina in Muskegon, Michigan, with the damage in building 3 reportedly mounting up to several millions of dollars as a result of fire, heat and water damage.

Fire crews attended after reports of smoke emerging from building 3 of the marina shortly before noon on Monday March 6th. The fire was extinguished by around 17:15.

While responders said that they had established the source of the fire – a 13-metre vessel in the middle of the building – the cause of the fire on the boat concerned had not been established. It was not possible for outsiders to see the extent of the damage as the boats were all under cover.

Deputy fire chief Jay Paulson confirmed that all 150 or thereabouts of the vessels in the building had suffered some kind of damage, and that they were all “very expensive, very large boats”.

However, Paulson said that it was not a total loss, as “fire suppression kept the fire in check.” Only three boats had been completely destroyed, he said. There were no injuries reported.

The boats were inside the building for winter storage during Michigan’s cold season.

Safe Harbor Marinas is one of the largest owners and operators of marinas in the US. The Great Lakes marina is located at 1920 Lakeshore Drive, Muskegon, on the banks of Lake Michigan.