Fine on Xin Shi Ji 203 yet to be paid; report

The Xin Shi Ji 203, which spilled oil near the coast of Tahiti in May 2019, was fined 35.7m francs, which the shipowner was reported not to have paid, according to local reports. A criminal court released details of its ruling on January 28th. The captain of the fishing vessel was fined 300,000 Francs.

On May 12th 2019, the pilots of two Air Tahiti planes approaching Faa’a airport noticed an iridescent wake emitting from a ship located about 4km from Pirae. The JRCC then alerted the nautical brigade which noted stains on the surface of the water and a smell of hydrocarbons following the Xin Shi Ji 203, one of six ships operated by Zhoustan Pacific Tuna Pelagic. It was calling at Tahiti to change crews and send to China the fish it had caught in international waters. About 450 litres of fuel oil had escaped from the  tuna holds. The cause was the rupture of an armoured hose in the cooling system. Following the findings and samples taken by the police, the Papeete prosecution had ordered the ship to divert to Papeete. In June 2019, a bail of 36m francs had been imposed on the owner.