Final trip for Costa Concordia hulk

The barely recognizable hulk of  the Costa Concordia has made its final journey, to a dry dock in Italy, where it is to be cut up and recycled

Last Thursday  five tugboats transferred the remnant of the cruise ship across the harbour in Genoa to a dry dock. Costa Concordia has been moored at the Molo Ex Superbacino dock in the Port of Genoa for the past 16 months. Crews have been dismantling the cruise ship from the top deck down so as to restore buoyancy to the hull. The crews removed the 30 sponsons that were attached to the ship during the parbuckling, refloating, and towing operations.

Costa Concordia capsized and partially sank close to Giglio, Italy, killing 32 passengers and setting off the largest (and most expensive) maritime salvage operation in history. The cost of the salvage operation ballooned to well over $1bn. Italian oil and gas industry contractor Saipem led the salvage consortium. The final destruction of the ship will be completed by early next year.