Extremely low temperatures in north China lead to ice warnings at sea

North China is currently experiencing record low temperatures this season, with exceptionally low temperatures in the past two weeks, China-based P&I Club correspondent Huatai’s Dalian Office reported on February 1st. It said in a circular that was published by Steamship and Britannia on Friday that the resulting icy sea condition posed a threat to safe navigation in the area.

The key ports affected are those in the Liaodong Bay area, from Dalian to Huludao, Panjin, Bayuquan, Jinzhou and Dandong.

Members were advised to take extra care in these areas and to contact local agents and correspondents for more detailed and up to date information.

Huatai said that the ice season of Liaodong Bay ran from around December 15th to March 15th, with late January and early February being the most severe period. According to ice condition and sea temperature forecast published by the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Centre, from January 27th to February 2nd, the maximum floating ice area was between 65nm and 75nm. The general thickness of ice was between 10cm and 20cm, with a maximum thickness of around 35cm.