Expansion of Standard Club’s PEME scheme; changes at West of England

Standard Club said that since the creation of its  pre-employment medical examination (PEME) scheme in September 2015, it had conducted more than 12,500 examinations on behalf of club members. It said that these examinations had been fundamental in the club’s efforts to reduce the toll of preventable illness claims.

Previously, the scheme’s activities consisted of 16 clinics in the Philippines. The expansion means that members and seafarers can now access enhanced PEME services in Indonesia, India, Ukraine as well.

The Club noted that the expansion would increase the number of clinics to more than 40, in more than 20 different locations.

Standard Club said that the scheme remained focused on ensuring that members received seafarers’ PEME certificates that they could trust and that preventable claims were kept to a minimum.

Seafarers benefited from participation in the scheme by taking advantage of medical treatment/advice which could extend their careers, especially in the case of untreated chronic illness.

The Marine Advisory Medical Service (MAMS) administers the PEME scheme. MAMS is a medical organisation specifically for the maritime industry, with offices in Singapore, United Kingdom and Australia.

Meanwhile, West of England has announced new measures for PEME, effective February 20th.


All medical certificates for service at sea issued by the Club’s accredited clinics will have a numbered hologram affixed below the seafarer’s photograph on the certificate, in an effort to combat the issue of forged certificates, which have been encountered recently.

Self-Declaration Forms:

Previously the scheme utilized the clinics’ own self-declaration forms, to be completed by seafarers as part of the PEME process, which varied in content and depth of questioning. In order to better protect the position of the Club and the Members, a more robust uniform West of England Self-Declaration form has been generated, which will be completed by all seafarers subjected to a medical examination under the Club’s PEME programme at all of the Club’s accredited clinics.