Executives from Carnival Corp ordered to appear in US court

US District Court Judge Patricia Seitz ordered senior executives from global cruise operator Carnival Corp, including board chairman Micky Arison and CEO Arnold Donald, to appear in a court in Miami, Florida, on Monday June 3rd at 2 pm EDT for a probation revocation hearing for continued criminal violations of the company, reports, reports environmental campaign group Stand.Earth.

The US Office of Probation filed a motion for probation violations after the Court Appointed Monitor (CAM) found that Carnival Corp ships had:

·       continued to violate national environmental laws and contravene international pollution prevention treaties,

·       failed to properly train staff to ensure regulatory compliance,

·       attempted to cover up their violations through falsification of documents, and

·       tried to use back channels to influence federal regulators.

Last Friday, May 31st, Knoll Lowney, lawyer with Smith and Lowney, and layer Stephen S Stallings filed an emergency motion to intervene in the criminal proceedings on behalf of three victims of Carnival’s environmental crimes, under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.