Estonia says undersea cables damage was manmade

The damage suffered by undersea communications cables in the Baltic Sea on October 7th/8th appeared to have been the result of human activity, but it was not certain that it was deliberate, Estonian officials said on Friday October 20th.

Working with the naval forces of Finland and Estonia, it was last Thursday morning that Estonian investigators completed their investigation of the telecommunications cable running between the two countries. The indications to date were that the damage to the cable was manmade.

The location of the leak in the Balticconnector gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia was identified in Finland’s exclusive economic zone on October 10th.

Gasgrid Finland has said that, in its expert opinion, the damage was not caused by normal gas transmission processes. The Balticconnector gas pipeline was shut down when gas transmission companies Gasgrid in Finland and Elering in Estonia detected a breach.

Plans for its repair can now be fulfilled and should be in place by next week. Thus far the cable repair vessel has been helping in locating the precise site of the damage, as well as gathering evidence.