Emanuel Exports given livestock ban

Emanuel Exports, Australia’s largest live sheep exporter, has had its export licence suspended by the Agriculture Department, which said that “the laws that regulate the export of livestock include strict requirements to ensure the health and welfare of animals”.

“It is the responsibility of each exporter to ensure it meets those obligations. The department takes those responsibilities very seriously.”

The company said on Friday June 22nd that “Emanuel Exports will cooperate fully with the Department in its review”, noting that it exported “well in excess of one million sheep per year to the Middle East”.

The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC)said that it was still absorbing the announcement and its implications for the A$250m-a-year industry.

ALEC CEO Simon Westaway said that Emanuel Exports was working with regulators to determine what it could do to get the suspension lifted.

Another major export player, Livestock Shipping Services, said on Wednesday June 19th that it would redirect ships to South America while it reviewed the commercial viability of operations in Australia. This followed the proposed new rules, which would reduce the maximum number of live sheep on ships by 28%.